Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources


Cathy Ricketts

Education Background

B.S. Biology, The Florida State University
M.S. Student, University of Georgia


Research Focus

Habitat selection and reproductive success of King and Clapper Rails in coastal South Carolina


Project Overview

My research is focused, in part, on estimating home range size and habitat selection by King and Clapper Rails.  In addition, I am investigating factors influencing both reproductive success and nest site selection in the face of trade-offs between conflicting strategies to limit risk to nests from predators and tidal flooding.  These efforts can help guide and develop management strategies for rails in South Carolina’s coastal impoundments. 











Additional Information

Research is conducted in conjunction with Nemours Plantation Wildlife Foundation. This project is primarily supported by funding from a USFWS Webless Migratory Game Bird Research Grant and Nemours Plantation Wildlife Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the Georgia Ornithological Society.