Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources


Camille Beasley

Education Background

B.S. Environmental Science and Zoology, University of Florida
M.S. Student, University of Georgia


Research Focus

Avian Community Composition and Nest Predation in Suspended Development


Project Overview

I've always been interested in how species interact with one another and their environments, and especially how they respond to land-use change. As urbanization poses a huge challenge for wildlife, my research focuses on the conversion of forest to suburban and exurban residential developments, and how this affects avian communities. Specifically, I'm studying a landscape I call suspended (or arrested) development, which is where land was cleared for a residential subdivision, but was subsequently abandoned when the housing market crashed. Using this landscape to represent the structural change of urbanization without the human influence, and comparing it to forested and residential sites across Macon County, NC, my goal is to determine how individual bird and nest predator species respond to different components of the urbanization process.




Additional Information

Funding for this research is provided by the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory and the Georgia Ornithological Society.